Mossy Forest

In 2004, I ventured into the evening woods during the fall equinox in Marin County, CA.  I noticed how my body wanted to slow down and get quiet.  Something much bigger than me was demanding my attention and respect.  This sensation became quite strong, especially as I ventured past the lit portion of the forest into the dark and thick quiet.  It was profoundly eerie, walking among the huge trees, the moonlight piercing through the rare openings in the canopy, and the subtle sounds of the wind and falling leaves tickling my awareness.

I slowly walked, and utilized the Taoist form of walking, which serves to quiet the body and the mind, allowing me to become more at one with the surroundings.  It was quiet, still and beautiful.  As I slowed down, I felt myself drawn to the trees, and found myself leaning into one of the larger ones.  As I leaned, I felt as if all the tension and anxiousness that was in my body simply oozed out, as if being absorbed by the tree through osmosis.  It was decadent beyond words.  I had to move to another tree and sit down, my back leaning into this magnificent energy source.

I didn’t move for about half an hour or so.  I focused my attention on the physical sensations I was experiencing.  I listened to the wind.  I felt the tree at my back, and the soft ground under my legs.  And then I was called to look up, and so I did.  And there, in the gap between the trees, I saw the Goddess.  She was very beautiful, with just her alabaster face looking down at me.  I looked up at her for another 10 minutes, listening for her message.  And what I heard was “Even when you don’t see me, know that I am always with you.”  How stunning and glorious!  I have since had many such mystical magical experiences, but this was one of the first, and there is nothing quite like the first.  I felt ever so fortunate.

At this point, I realized I had lost track of time, and my friends had headed back out of the forest.  So I left my cozy nook next to the tree, and began my trek out of the forest.  I noticed how the energy had shifted since I had walked in.  The night was darker, the wind louder, and magic was in the air.  I opened my eyes and my heart, looking for whatever was next.  And she came back to me again.

I was walking and saw her, a woman dressed in white, with a white scarf draped over the front of her.  As I approached,  she began to fade into the night.  Still, I understood we were not through with our interactions.  I understood there was still something for me to learn on this night.  I went back to my original location and looked at her again, and I watched her.  I defocused my eyes, a technique my teacher had taught me, and I felt for what she was saying to me.  She asked me to hug her.  Now, I am not one to argue with or question divine guidance.  I tried to do things my way in the past, and it didn’t work.  If I am asked to hug a goddesss, I will do it.  It was one of the most heartfelt experiences of my life.  She was soft, and she smelled of freshly cut wood.  She was glorious to hold.  Then, and only then, did I understand the true meaning of her message.  “Even when you don’t see me, know that I am always with you.”

I feel that so much of my work with men had been about connecting our hearts (under used) with our heads (over used).  What she was telling me, I believe, is that women have the exact same challenge.  Many women are utilizing more of their masculine (their heads) than they really care to.  It is survival.  There aren’t many men around in whose company women can truly relax into their feminine divine essence.   There is a disconnect between the Goddess’ head and her feeling body.  She is screaming to us for the same connection we all strive for, that 12-inch connection between our heart and mind.  While I was honored by the wisdom, I also felt a profound sense of mission and purpose, with so many minds and bodies, so rushed, and with so little serenity, stillness, vulnerability and open heartedness.

–      Jay Cradeur (from an upcoming book tentatively titled, The Bridge To Camelot)

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