Last week,  I told my Dad some advice I wish he had given me.  I said “Dad, you never told me this…  If you chop up jalapeno peppers, be sure to wash your hands before going to the bathroom.”  I told him I had a very uncomfortable hour at the It’s A Grind coffee shop while I was pondering this poem.  Needless to say, he laughed long and hard.  Good to see the old man laugh long and hard.  Really good!  I am so fortunate to have this time with him.

And so as I looked out the window, drinking my mocha, I thought about relationships in the context of a rainy day.


The Unrelenting Rain

God’s tears of uproarious  laughter as

men and women sort out the ancients

A herculean chance at redemption

The sound of rain sets me to trance


No way to avoid the travails if

you should dare tangle with Kali

Or choose easy peace and walk away

Tiny drip drops ease heart’s hurts


Stoic monks chant strong in golden light as

frankincense purifies all of our senses

They sacrifice for something quite profound

Water drops fall into churning ocean waves


Storms clouds always move fast and

it’s happening, slippery and out of control

Embrace the grey insanity or go crazy

Cool air refreshes the hurried harried spirit


Burn the pirate map to buried treasure for

the journey is underway now, and now

She is always out there, and I choose her

Water kissing my face makes me smile


Stand in the rain and get wet, there’s

no surprise and still we’re surprised

What a band of ridiculous brothers

Sorting out that which can’t be


The fire burns a saintly red glow with

your hand in mine, we walk the miles

Knowing you and feeling you like no other

Your delicate dancing rain opens my heart


Its grey outside, moist and intoxicating while

the fireplace inside roars delicious warmth

And so I traipse in for what we unwittingly long

Entwined, cuddled n warm for a wisp of a moment


Jay Cradeur

November 25, 2012

About the Author

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