Where do you go my love?
Have I ever really known you?
Your lovely disguise had me convinced
Yet I long for the true you that I once knew.

Why do you hide my love?
What happens to call the fear?
When did you decide to shut it down?
When we know there is much more here.

Once I felt your breath of crystalline air.
My swelling heart swayed in unison with you.
I heard a chorus of angels in your voice.
Does it hurt you so bad the memories of two?

Will I ever feel you vibrant again?
Will you ever open in free repose?
Can I be a safe port in the storm my love?
For you to drop anchor and stop being foes?

Where does your heart go sweet mystery?
When you protect and puts up the walls?
I’ll dismantle the fortress brick by brick.
Well tango together in earth’s heavenly halls

This is the dance of life’s human form
Hold tight or let it all go and surrender.
Both are risky and nothing is for dammed sure.
But release offers the finest God can render.

Let Go. Just Let Go!

–      Jay Cradeur (from Breathing Light –A little book of poems)

This poem is about the illusion of separation, heart ache, hope and frustration.  I wrote this after having lost a love, and not understanding why.  Was I not a good enough man?  Did she, as I have done with others, simply fall out of love?  Could she come back to me?

In the end, all I or any man can do is work to become the best man he can be.  If that attracts a woman into my world, so be it.  If any particular woman is not interested, I marshal on knowing I am creating a magnificent life, alone or in partnership.  Life is too short to worry about such things.  There are forces, powerful forces, which mold and shape a life.  I’ll work to stay in alignment with the multitude, for it is their game I am playing, it is their energy that flows through me, and I am honored beyond belief to be their conduit.

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