On August 15th I will be heading toward Asia, and landing in Phuket, Thailand, jumping into the great unknown.   I plan to be there during our winter months and returning to Northern California in spring 2015.  It is a great adventure, with much to be revealed.  While my soul has come to accept and embrace this uprooting, my ego is resisting.  I can feel its confusion, its desire for security, and its ever-present and well-known fear of the unknown.

Some days I imagine myself scuba diving in crystal clear water, warm water teeming with gorgeous sea life.  I envision a long lazy Saturday sitting on a beach, tanning myself, eating ripe fruit and grilled, just caught, fish, and rejuvenating like never before.  I foresee hanging out with my new local friends, learning how to cook Thai food for myself and for others.  Yes, I see these pictures in my head, and know that they will mostly materialize in due time.

Other days, I imagine myself in my bungalow, with my children and family and friends some 8,000 miles away.  I know there will be moments of longing for carnitas from the taco truck, and the laughter of loved ones sitting across the table from me.  There will be days in which I will not want to write, and won’t have anything planned, and will be tired of working, and stretching and meditating and cooking and diving, and even in Thailand, I will be bored.

In the end, life is life, here and there, in Sebastopol, CA and Phuket, Thailand.  This trip is not an escape for me, but rather it is a dive into the unknown.  Thailand is an arrow straight through my heart, a powerful choice to leave here, and find more of me there.  The life of a monk, as I imagine it, is simple yet challenging, with moments of bliss few will ever experience, followed by hellish walks through the desert of lost souls. It is those journeys, which inform the bliss.  Soon it will be time for me, once again, to put on my walking shoes.

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