Make Your Content Bite-Sized

Make Your Content Bite-Sized

As attention spans decrease, and more people consume their content on their mobile devices, it is increasingly important for marketers to make sure that their content is optimized for mobile use. In fact, many marketers are taking a design-for-mobile-first approach.

Until recently, designing for mobile devices was done as an afterthought. Nowadays, mobile design should be front and center. In addition, content marketers should pay attention to how consumers like to digest their content.

With so many social media channels and the vast amounts of user data that comes with them, marketers have an unprecedented opportunity to learn how people interact with content and what their preferences are.

For instance, image-driven sites like Instagram and Pinterest are teaching us that people prefer images over text, in many cases.
Here are some tips for creating digestible content that is also mobile-friendly.

Take a modular approach

Start by breaking content up into small, digestible bits. People can always click “read more” if they like the content. One way to do this is through a slide deck of photos with captions. Another is to divide long articles into sections and use lots of sub-headers and lists to make your content easy to scan or read.

Focus on the summary

Put extra effort into your article summary – this is the portion of your article that is most likely to be read, especially on mobile devices. If your summary is punchy and entertaining, your readers will stay with you.

Variety is the spice of life

Generate a variety of content and vary the lengths of your pieces. Keep in mind that long-form content is good for SEO and short content is better for mobile. Break up articles with slide-decks, videos, infographics and images. A variety of content will appeal to more people and will be accessible on more devices.

Since your content is likely to be viewed on a mobile device, it is important to take a less-is-more attitude. In other words, make your important points right away and write with efficiency.

Pay attention to the format of your content:

  • Use easy-to-read fonts
  • Incorporate visual elements
  • Streamline your text layout
  • Link to secondary content
  • Close-crop images
  • Write tight headlines

Mobile devices, along with social media like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have changed the way we digest content. Marketers who are aware of this and design their content to be mobile-friendly and broken up into bite-sized digestible bits will stand a better chance of attracting and engaging an audience.

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