It’s No Secret (Everyday She Chops)

It’s No Secret (Everyday She Chops)

I found the woman in the cowboy hat who serves stewed pork leg at her stand just outside of the Old City at the north wall in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was a phenomenal meal. It reminded me of my mom’s beef pot roast, but with pork and a slightly thinner, although unbelievably tasty, sauce. Some people are pork people and others are beef people. I am a pork guy. It is like you are either an Elvis or Beatles person. Sorry Elvis.

I had read that the woman in the cowboy hat started her shift at 5 PM, so I arrived a little bit early thinking her stand might quickly get crowded on a Saturday night. I could tell I had found her stand when I saw her picture emblazoned street side. There were 3 guys getting things set up, putting the pork on the stand, cooking rice, cleaning tables, etc. I walked around looking for something to drink. Then I saw her walking toward her stand. I said “It’s you. I saw you 6 months ago on American TV and now I am here.” She nodded, smiled, pointed to her stand, and continued walking. I realized I might have been a bit too exuberant for her as she started her shift. And clearly she has heard this more than a few times.

After I got my drink, I returned to her stand, and saw I could sit at a table, and someone would take my order and bring me the stewed pork goodness. As I sat there, in the dining area behind the stand, I watched her work. Then it dawned on me. While this is all very exciting for me, a dream realized, a new taste treat experienced, everyday for the past 6 months since I saw her on TV, our woman in the cowboy hat has been standing there at her stand, moving a stewed pork leg to her chopping block, skillfully extracting the meat from the bone, chopping the pork into bite size bits, and serving it up on a plate of rice. All the while, she is dressed in fine clothes, wears a cowboy hat, and never seems to get a drop of pork stew on her.

I know there is a myth that implies that every moment may be filled with bliss. Follow your passion, and do what you love, and everyday will be filled with rainbows and unicorns. Anyone who has gone down this road will tell you this bliss myth is utter crap. Our woman in the cowboy hat looks to have it all. She makes good money here in Thailand. She is famous. I watched 5 different people within 30 minutes walk up to her and take pictures. She owns her own business. She has been on television. And she is beautiful. All of this supports the myth.

Still, every day for 6 or more hours, she stands in one little spot, and chops the pork. There must be times where she says to herself, “If I have to chop one more pork leg, I think I am going to scream!” or “If another American man comes up to me to tell me his story, I am going to throw my cleaver at him!” But she doesn’t. Every day she chops. Everyday she deals with the pictures and notoriety. Everyday she puts out an amazing product for the world to enjoy. As I sat there observing her while she prepared my dish, my appreciation for her grew.

I was reminded in that moment that those of us who want to get something done in the world, we work. We work when it is new and exciting, and we work when it feels a bit like drudgery. It doesn’t matter how we feel. We are clear that this is what we are to do to get the results we want, and so we do it. It is the consistency that demonstrates maturity. We don’t work sometimes, or when we feel like it. We work. We produce. We have pride in the quality of our work. We deliver.

It is the consistency that impresses me. The woman in the cowboy hat stands and chops. Day in and day out, she chops. She wears a big ol’ cowboy hat no matter how hot and humid it is in Chiang Mai. She serves the best tasting pork stew I have ever tasted. Day in and day out, she stands for 6 hours serving up dish after dish. Every day she chops.

Everyday, she is my hero.

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