Masters Course

I offer two rideshare driver masters courses.  I put quite a bit of time and hard work putting these together so drivers can learn the system and make the most money possible as a rideshare driver.  Check them out.  Watch the preview videos.

San Francisco Rideshare Driver Masters Course

The first is specifically for San Francisco Drivers. I have been earning over $2,000 per week, week after week, working 50 hours per week.  In the past two and a half years, I have amassed over 20,000 rides and over $250,000 in net commission from Uber and Lyft.  Where to drive, when to drive, how to use the tools such as Re-match and Destination Filters.  I have a section on SFO Airport and how to maximize your revenue using the airport properly.  Check it out for more details and course curriculum.  Here is a link.

The Rideshare Drivers Masters Course

This second online course is designed to teach everyone, regardless of your location, how to maximize your rideshare driving revenue.  This course goes into much greater detail, without the San Francisco local knowledge.  Whether you drive for Lyft or Uber, or you are just beginning your rideshare driving experience, this course will put more money in your pocket. I spent over two and a half years, and over 20,000 trips fine tuning my rideshare driving skills. How to drive, where to drive, how to manage all the important apps, dealing with customers, how to accept and decline rides to manage your day, and understanding your pay statements: these topics and more are covered in this video course. In total, there are over 40 videos with live app and on the road instruction.  The bottom line is the bottom line: How can you make more money in less time! Let’s get started.  Click on this link to preview the course:  Nomad Jay’s Rideshare Driver Master Course.

The Bundled Offer:  Get both courses and get a $100 discount.  This would make sense for someone brand new in the San Francisco market.  If you really want to get started right, and begin making huge paychecks early on, then this is a perfect opportunity.