This past June, I lost a good friend.  While many of my friends are losing their mothers and fathers, we all lost a truly remarkable creative force in Daven Joy.  Daven left us in June of this year.  As 2010 is coming to an end, I am reminded of the transitory nature of our existence.

Following are some words I wrote for Daven’s final service, as well as a video of Daven speaking about The Bridge experience we shared over a year ago.  I trust Daven will be smiling each time someone reads these words.

Safe travels my friend.

Next, Please…


Daven Joy, Our departed, gleaming, prince of darkness, Now.

thankfully, mercifully, basking in the light, a place of ease.

A lounge chair in the sky, beautiful men bring you red wine

the sea at your feet, and not a worry of the world on your mind.


One night, not long ago, Daven spoke his mission to me.  he said

Create beauty, and HONOR IT, and share it with the world.

But I tell you now, loud and clear for all to hear

this was not the brother I knew in the last quiet hours


I loved and honored Daven’s darkness, his twisted mystery in body

Courageously, uncontrollably, incessantly seeping and searching

Step by step, propelled by universal forces to explore all of himself

never stopping, unable to refuse his innate natural drive for freedom.


Sloppy, messy, a devilishly blatant ahab,  and yet

Warm, thoughtful, beautiful, A majestic messiah,

paradox defined

Why the sudden escape, the big bang… silly question best left alone

All i know is he made a choice, a rational choice in time, the hardest choice


is he gone?  or just different?  close your eyes.  remember his smirk.

feel his mind thinking the unthinkable.  see his hands creating magic.

just last night, eating some barbequed ribs, i heared brother daven speak.

“jay, your barbeque is always so perfect, this meat is so good”

of course, this spoken with daven’s characteristic bigger than life zeal.


many are sad today, for we are the remaining members of the tribe. again…

reminded that we are in fact alone, again, alone always, alone forever.

Good bye my comrade, my dark brother, fly splendidly, revel gloriously

explore unflinchingly, live willingly and obey ruthlessly


Brother oh brother, you are truly a bohemain, a renessaince man,

a skallywag, a belligerent, raving mad artist.

you are a fucking meteor, burning bright, that crashed into our lives

now the light is out, and we are left in the dark, pondering quixotic

daven, I will remember you each time I see the stars under the black sky

Your eyes sparkling above and gracing us always with your sacred song.

a journey unfinished and yet complete,

a journey unfinished

and yet


Farewell young prince.