On Youth…

“I remember kneeling in the pews, letting my tongue touch the wood of the pew in front of me. It had a very unusual and appealing taste to me, so I would taste it often. I remember being bored most of the time, since I didn’t really understand what was happening up there in the front. Things did improve slightly once I received my first holy communion and I was able to participate in that sacrament from grade three to four. The best part of going to church on school days was the end. I remember experiencing pure exuberance when I could walk out the doors of the church, into the sunshine, and onto the school playground. I loved to play. That was all that really mattered to me, playing. Going to church, going to school, doing chores, those were all things that needed to be done so that I would have time to play.”

This is an except from a book in progress.

Please share an exuberant childhood memory? What made you smile so big your face hurt?

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