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Are We All Just a Bunch of Robots?

Are We All Just a Bunch of Robots?

Author Jay Cradeur raises some questions about what we know and what we think we know. — During the past month, I have been driving for both Uber and Lyft. It’s sort of like being a taxi driver and therapist in one job. Driving people around, one begins to notice...

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Music Is This Writer’s Constant Companion

Music Is This Writer’s Constant Companion

Author Jay Cradeur shares his love of music and it’s influence on the creative process. — I do quite a bit of writing. The truth about writing to which most authors will readily admit is it is often a laborious chore. Sure, there are times in which a rich wave of...

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Hi Jay, I just found your site and watched ALL of your videos TODAY!!! I’m hoping that I can get started with Uber and Lyft ASAP, and it appears there’s lots to learn!! Anyway, I’m interested in your course, and what I’ve seen of your videos so far has me impressed and itching to learn more! Thank you, Jay!

Judith K.

Aspiring Nomad

What a great post! I love the quote. We all have fear but we can triumph over it and conquer that fear. Thanks for sharing!

Kitty C.


Good read. Thanks for these valuable reminders. That can be a very useful mnemonic method you suggest as well. I like looking at my hands like that. It’s a very powerful feeling!

Rob G

Aspiring Nomad

What great Insight and wisdom shared in this post. Facing life head on is my thing right now and I just today wrote about fear too. Keep facing life head on + sharing great posts like these Jay.

Diana R.

Life Coach

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