Happy Veterans Day 2012.

I have never been in combat, but I do know fear and vulnerability. I tried to capture what it might be like to serve, to make the ultimate sacrifice, and to be remembered.

God Bless The Soldiers!!!

Got Your Back.

The enemy is all around
Terror lives in my soul
All I have is my bud Jack
Jack’s here, he’s got my back.

The hot bullets explode by
Hissing and whizzing loud
Stay low and shoot away
Jack and I could die today

I am so damned scared
If just one hits the mark
Spewing out blood and foam
I’m off to my heavenly home

We give all to the cause
Life and limb at greatest peril
This may be my last breath
On my shoulder is cold death

He’s Jack, he’s got my back
We share a bond soldered strong
An alchemy of courage and faith
Two young grunts here in the eighth

Remember me. Private Nathan West.
I took one hot n fierce to the neck
The ultimate sacrifice, me to you
I’m someone till now you never knew

Jack he felt me slump down
Saw the blood erupt crimson
I told him then and there
God I love her, it’s not fair

She’ll forget me and move on
My kids will adjust, I hope so
Never smell their fresh bathed head
Never feel her tender touch in bed

Enjoy your freedom burning bright
Drink you mocha
Kiss your kids good night
Because of soldiers, it’s all right

Remember me and Jack
And all the others who protect
Don’t take us for granted, No!
Celebrate us strong, forever so.

We had your back, me and Jack
So toast us proud on Veterans Day.
I am looking down at you now
You wipe the sweat from my brow

By Jay Cradeur

About the Author

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