Life is empty and meaningless.

When Werner Erhard experienced his moment of awakening driving on the Golden Gate Bridge in 1971, this was his crystalline realization.

Life is empty and meaningless. It is we the people who assign to it all meaning and significance. For Werner Erhard, and just a few others that I am aware, all beliefs, assumptions, and social conditioning fell away. All that appeared was the space, or what he has called, a clearing, in which emptiness and meaninglessness simply are.

All of this is wonderful for us in two profound ways. First, we know such a moment of awakening, of the ultimate freedom, is available for us all. What one man can do, another can do. Second, if you accept (or at least understand the concept) that meaninglessness and emptiness is our natural state, our always present blank slate, then we all have the ability and unmitigated privilege to create any life we desire. Life is an immense white canvas, and we have the big box of 64 crayons. Color on, one and all. Anything is possible once we clear the clutter of our mind. This is the golden path. This is the holy journey. This is the ultimate undertaking for which we have arrived here now in this place.

Game on.

What is a powerful realization you have experienced? When did the way you see life shift? When did the clutter of your mind lighten up and you had a profound moment of clarity?

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