I just got back from the country of Laos. I had to leave Thailand before November 20th, in order to get a new visa, and then return. My time in Thailand has passed by rather quickly. In fact, I can hardly believe I have already been here 3 months. The prospect of staying another 6 months just doesn’t seem like all that long. I am very well aware of how magical my time in Thailand has been. I value each day as if it could be my last. And so, the time does seem to fly by like a bullet whizzing past my French nose.

Last week in preparation for my border run, I booked a ticket on Nok Airlines round trip to Udon Thani, a Thai city near the Laos border. I booked 3 nights at a hotel in Vientiane, Laos where the Thailand visa office is located. I took plenty of money and headed off into the wild blue yonder. It was all a bit last minute. It wasn’t until I was in a mini van heading towards the Friendship Bridge, which connects Thailand to Laos, that I realized I had no idea if my life partner, my IPhone 5, would work in Laos. I do take my phone virtually everywhere I go. I do frequently set it on airplane mode so that I have plenty of me time. It is always there; ready to make a call, ready to post a photo, ready to slap a witty or observant thought on Facebook, or Skype an image to anyone of my children.

The Thailand phone service I have, AIS, does not work in Laos. I had no Internet connection! Lawdy, what to do? When I left the hotel and it’s WIFI, I was like an untethered helium balloon barreling into space. At first, out of habit, I did go to my phone to post a picture to Instagram and was immediately reminded of my dire situation. I did not have an Internet connection. I went to Google maps to show a tuk tuk driver how to get back to my hotel. The app reminded me that I did not have an Internet connection. Then I had a breakthrough.

I was eating lunch on my second day with young Jeff. We had selected an Italian restaurant called Lao Luna. I had brought my phone, although in truth, it was only good to me as a camera. After two days, I had stopped going to it. I stopped the impulse. And then grace descended on me and time stood still. Until this moment, the trip to Laos was a bit of an inconvenience. The back and forth to the visa office, the problems that the slow hotel internet was causing me with my work, and having to adjust to a new currency and language all contributed to my Laos malaise. Then, it all shifted. Laos became beautiful. I was free. I felt like a kid in an Apple store (I feel certain more kids would prefer anything Apple makes to some candy!). I was playing old time hookey.

The food at that lunch was superb. I had a sea bass in a cream mushroom sauce, with a few potatoes and vegetables. The fish was excellently prepared. The weather was a perfect 72 (this is the temperature at which I do not notice the weather.) I experienced homeostasis with my environment. The sun was shining. People were smiling and happy, eating and talking and sharing life experiences, and I was embracing a new level of technology independence. It was a glorious transcendental moment in time.

As I write this, my IPhone 5 rests on the bed next to me. He seems to know that our relationship is going through a transition. He is back in Thailand, back online, fully charged, all topped up, and still he feels the distance between us growing. I am sorry “Jay’s Iphone5” (his legal name), but I am going to be taking more me time. I hope that while I am out, and you are here at home guarding the castle, that you learn new ways to amuse yourself. You too can learn to be more independent. You don’t need me in your life 24/7. This may be a bit painful at first, but it is the best thing for both of us. You stay here now. I am going outside to feel the sunshine on my face, free from any technological disturbance. Good bye buddy.

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