An homage to my friend

There is a man I know who has the power of Hercules

He moves with inspiring force, grit and determination

(Truly he is a sight to behold!)

Big and lumbering and broad and ancient and vast

He is a miracle, a paradox, God’s divine contradiction

Hercules -

So afraid of his power to kill, so massive his strength

Moving about the room, a lion in his gelded cage

(Sheer masculine presence ebullient and overflowing)

Feeling his way through this life and those many far gone

We long  to see the force, oh leader, the pent up rage

I have looked into his dark orbed eyes to touch his soul

It is a rare honor to feel his divinity, his shining might

(He is a wise old soul who knows much)

In ages past, villagers came just to gaze into emptiness

Many turned away, so great was the master’s radiant light

I remember the change, I cannot ever forget

Transformation from human man to child deity

(Truly, there was a man-god amongst us)

I cried in wonder, how could I not have seen it!

I trembled, mesmerized, basking in authentic humanity

To see this giant stripped of his mental gyrations

I bowed at his feet, and prayed for redemption

(If you have ever felt god unfiltered, you know)

Words no longer necessary, golden light fills our hearts

I have witnessed Little Buddha here on earth, Grenville in completion

Little Buddha -

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