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It is our observation that men are very logical beings.  We have great minds; we like to think.  In fact, this capacity to remain calm and think is one of our great gifts.  We can lift our head out of the clouds, look out to the future, and chart a course.  We view the world objectively with our five senses.

But what about our Sixth Sense?  What about that spark that no longer flickers.  Author Stuart Wilde, who wrote a book titled The Sixth Sense, commented: Once you open to the power and omniscience of the sixth sense, you can perceive life in all its subtlety and vastness.” However, for most of us, any sense of magic and wonder were killed as we outgrew childhood and started to listen to the whisperings of our parents, the neighbors, and what passes for mass media entertainment.  We are buried in a thunderstorm of static!   We offer this men’s event called The Bridge because we know there are men of all ages out there in the world who want to get off the merry go round at the next stop.  The Bridge is such an opportunity.

Our experience of the world is a psychic phenomenon.   The laws of the physical world are based on certain principles that have been observed and proven. Unlike objects and events in the physical world, psychic phenomena is made up of unobservable forces and events. Energy is a force that exists in both realms. The laws of psychic phenomena rely on the forces that drive energy more so than the principles that describe physical matter.  And it is that energy which courses through our bodies, providing the pulse and breath which sustain us.  Study up on the wise amongst us, and there is little argument that we live in a world of illusion, a world where what we presume to be so is not so.  Christians have their water turned into wine.  Muslims have their Muhammad splitting the Moon.

It appears there are two fundamentally different ways to experience the world:  Objectively or Psychically.  One mission of The Bridge is to reacquaint men with their natural ability to straddle both worlds, the objective world and the psychic world. By participating in and experiencing  the world psychically we begin to learn the laws of the universe and therefore understand the totality of all the conditions of our existence, whereby we can influence the phenomenon of the waking state.   We begin to become sensitive in the objective world so as to observe unusual coincidences and significances that our verbal (aka “monkey”) mind tends to overlook.

Mystics, shamans, and medicine men simply notice the phenomenon that they see in dreams and visions, and come to see those same phenomenons in the objective world.   The wizard has a magical relationship to all the things that can change, appear, and disappear in the waking state which are conceived and perceived as psychic phenomena.

Men who open themselves up to experience the psychic phenomenon  begin to notice patterns. These patterns appear in nature, in relationships, in work, and in spiritual growth.  The Bridge allows men and encourages men to develop the quality of acceptance of both internal and external observation.  Over time, the nature of all existence becomes more and more obvious.  Out of chaos comes clarity.  From our observations, rules can be developed, a sort of a secret code, a doctrine created in a mystery school, which allows a man to work with life, to work with nature, and to make distinctions between the ego’s directions and the universe’s guidance.

As one progresses down this path, one realizes ultimately there is no distinction between the internal world and the external world.  The waking state affects dreams, and dreams affect the waking state.  There is a complete and mind bending crossover.  The place of cross over has been referred to as the “third place” which is the place where the shaman, and the wizard, and the magician live.  In The Bridge, we become more sensitive to daily life lived as a psychic experience.    As you look out into the world, you will see most men completely disregard their psychic world and the magician lies dead.

Ultimately, one may obtain an awareness of all the coincidence of all phenomena and achieve a condition of what the sage Adi Da refers to as a state of “Brilliant Equanimity.”   As a man begins to reawaken to his dormant powers, and gets a sense of the exuberant path of exploration that lies ahead, a spirit imbues life with excitement, hunger and recognition.  To further quote Aleister Crowley:  “A most astounding phenomenon has happened to us; we have had an experience which makes Love, fame, rank, ambition, wealth, look like thirty cents; and we begin to wonder passionately, “What is truth?”  The Universe has tumbled about our ears like a house of cards, and we have tumbled too.  Yet this ruin is like the opening of the Gates of Heaven!  Here is a tremendous problem, and there is something within us which ravins for its solution.”

In order to move toward this state and ultimately achieve this state, one must awaken from the suppressed state of the being and transcend the dogmas that so effectively suppress it in the common world.  We must rediscover the psychic nature of the world and each man must rediscover his own existence as a psychic process.  We must begin to see our consciousness in terms of infinity and ease the fears that throttle our souls.

To summarize, we at The Bridge feel that accepting and embracing  and deciphering your psychic world are the first steps on the most exciting path one may pursue in this lifetime. Otherwise nothing that happens to you in the psychic world will seem real.  Rather you will have doubts and explanation and no great change will occur.  At the Bridge, during our 3 days together, we work together to pass through this crisis in which the inner world, the psychic space is dominated by the  objective world, and in dissecting the crisis, and exposing ourselves to mystery, and observing the laws and patterns of the universe, we begin to reclaim our birthright as magical, psychic beings, capable of joy and wonder which we naturally share with all those with whom we share our lives.

The Bridge is a mystery school for the heart warrior.  If you feel called, come join us.


For more information on our upcoming events,  Click on The Bridge above for more information.