Aces in their places. My friend Doug told me this many years ago. Doug is really good at making hamburgers and now has the best hamburger joint in Nashville, Tennessee called Gabby Burgers and Fries. His restaurant’s motto is “Living the Dream!” Right on Doug! Aces in their places. This phrase and its strategy has served me well. Find out what people are good at, and let them do it. Instead of trying to teach someone how to do something they are not good at, let them do what they do well. Why teach a fish to climb a tree? Let him swim! Aces in their places. I also use this in my own self-assessment.

Aces in their places. I had to ask myself these questions:

What am I good at? And what do I suck at?

Where do I shine, and where do I struggle? Remember this phrase. Aces in their places. It can change your life.

Recently I turned over a large chunk of my duties to a virtual assistant. Now, like magic, things are happening. I enjoy creating content and talking to people. It really is that simple for me. Truth be told, that is about all I am good at. I write reasonably well and can express some complex ideas in a simple manner. I can also talk very freely with anybody. I can be persuasive and impactful without seeming so. Put me in a weekend event with a group of people and I really shine. But ask me to figure out how to optimize my website and I get the MEGO effect (my eyes glaze over). Ask me to create an SEO plan to attract people to my website and I don’t know where to start. I will never make cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries like Doug. No way. Never.

Aces in their places.

Meet Jan. Jan is my partner. He is a virtual assistant and together, with my creativity and his technical wizardry, things are getting done. You see, there are people who don’t like to create content, nor talk 6 hours a day on the phone, nor lead weekend workshops. They would hate it. These folks are phenomenal at other things. Some build hamburger franchises, and some like Jan are phenomenal at all things Internet related. The invitation of this blog is to assess what you are really good at, and do that. Someone else can do the bits at which you don’t excel. Why do we make it so complicated?

Aces in their places. Thank you Doug!

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