It’s time to stop playing small. That little voice in my head is not me and so I refuse to listen to it’s pernicious ego whisperings.  I will give all I have to give. I will be generous with my life’s story, no matter how vulnerable and exposed I feel. It is my privilege.

I will work day by day to develop the habits and obtain the knowledge to support me on my quest. It is a hero’s quest we are all on. The quest is for the fullest expression of who I am. This is where my gifts are to be found. This is the stuff of which an amazing life, my life, is born, nurtured and brought to an explosion of love and bliss and ultimate contentment.

I will play big starting now. I choose to live as a fully realized adult. I will flow with the universe and allow myself to be fully used by every atom of creation. I surrender. I Let Go. I gladly give. I am at the edge and leaping off into the great unknown. The space outside of my comfort zone will be my home.

Today truly is the first day of my life. I embrace the magnificence that lives within me, that is me and that is you too.

This is my law of existence. So may it be.